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1.   Turn on power.

2.   To adjust the height according to the thickness of the  puzzle     
       material, loosen the setscrew at the rear, adjust the height        
       with the adjustment handle at the upper part, and then screw    
       up the setscrew. Turning the adjustment handle to the right       
       side reduces the clearance between rollers and turning to the   
       left increases it.

3.   Prepare the puzzle material first, remove a part of the special   
       release paper on the surface of sticker as shown in the right     
       figure, put a part of the photo to make the puzzle accurately,     
       and then, remove the release paper completely from the           
       adhesive sticker and press the photo hard with hand.

4.   Lift the rear cover of the puzzle blade and put the puzzle            
       material with the photo to be cut and bottom plate together to   
       align the cutting line.

5.   Put up the cover to fix the photo and puzzle blade upside down.

6.   Press the foot switch to operate the machine and push the         
       puzzle blade on the inward side of the roller slowly.

7.   Puzzle is finished as the puzzle blade passes through the roller.
      Turn the puzzle blade passed through roller upside down and     
       then open the cover to take out the finished puzzle.

8.   Pack the finished puzzle.
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